About Film Wisconsin

Film Wisconsin is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the film, television, commercial and electronic game industries in Wisconsin. Its goal is to grow these industries infrastructure here in the state, as well as encourage investment here in Wisconsin from outside of the state.

Film Wisconsin is a 501(c) (6) non-profit organization, that works with the Department of Tourism and other community partners to highlight the benefits of our state to the entire film and multimedia community. It is run primarily by a volunteer team of industry professionals that has a passion for filmmaking and multimedia production here in Wisconsin.

Film Wisconsin took the lead in developing the state’s original incentive legislation that was signed into law in 2006, after receiving overwhelming bi-partisan support by the state’s Legislature. These incentives were reduced and then ultimately eliminated in subsequent budget cycles. Film Wisconsin is now actively working to find new and innovative ways to grow and expand this incredibly dynamic industry and encourage the positive economic and social impact that it can create.


The Film Wisconsin logo is available for use in student projects and promotional materials.

Download Film Wisconsin Logo Files (ZIP)