About Film Wisconsin

Film Wisconsin is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the film, television, commercial and electronic gaming industries in Wisconsin. Its goal is to grow these industries infrastructure and to create and promote film, TV and gaming jobs in Wisconsin.

The organization was formed by a small group of industry veterans after the Governor’s budget cuts eliminated the state’s film office. Film Wisconsin is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is primarily run by volunteers.

Film Wisconsin was the lead player in crafting the state’s incentive legislation that was signed into law in 2006 after receiving overwhelming bi-partisan support by the state’s Legislature. The Incentives enable film, television, broadcast advertising and electronic gaming producers to claim a 25% tax credit on certain wages, salary and production costs included in manufacturing the production. There is also 15% film production services tax credit established for permanent infrastructure investment in Wisconsin.

Film Wisconsin is actively involved with continually refining and enhancing these incentives, acting as a liaison between industry and the state and promoting ongoing industry growth in the state.