Local Film Audition – “Waabooz” – Bayfield, WI

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Auditions Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8
No experience required-must call or email to schedule an appointment.

Auditions will be held at:
Legendary Waters Resort and Casino.
3 Miles N. of Bayfield, WI on Hwy 13.
37600 Onigamiing Drive
Red Cliff, WI 54814

Please respond by calling to schedule an appointment at: 612.709.2958 or emailing waaboozcasting@gmail.com with your name in the subject line. Please send your headshot (or picture), a resume if you have one, your contact information, and what role you’re interested in. We will respond to set up an audition time. Please do not contact the hotel directly.

What to expect at the auditions
Auditions will be held in a small conference room. The Producer, Director and Writer will be sitting in. A camera will be set up to record the audition. You will be asked to read the sides (a short piece from the script) that may be provided to you over email, ahead of time. If your piece of the script includes conversation, one of the Producer’s will read with you. You may be asked to read for more than one part. For non speaking roles, you may be asked to read something that it not directly from this script. It is pertinent that you arrive on schedule. Miigwetch!

“Waabooz” – a short narrative film
Twelve year-old Rabbit spends most of his days collecting comics, keeping his little sister out of his hair and avoiding the teasing of his peers for being an outcast. It’s not easy being different on a remote Wisconsin reservation. He keeps busy drawing and has perfected Waabooz, a superhero that embodies Rabbit’s desired self. Rabbit dreads dancing in the upcoming powwow; he’s awkward and shy and would rather be left out of this community event.

See Facebook – Waabooz movie for more details.