The Nugget

Project aims to expand city’s reputation for creative production

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – (Sept. 13, 2012) – Flipeleven Creative, an agency specializing in digital
strategy, web design and video storytelling, has announced that its upcoming short film production, The
Nugget, will feature a car explosion shot live downtown. The film, which unites a 35-person crew from
multiple local firms, aims to raise national awareness of Milwaukee’s creative capacity.

“Milwaukee’s been working really hard to prove we have the capabilities, tools and talent to handle the
same projects as New York or Los Angeles,” said Kyle Buckley, Partner/Creative Director at Flipeleven.
“But we’ve only just begun to get the word out, and Flipeleven believes we’re not yet thinking big
enough, or talking loud enough. We need something more explosive to get the world’s attention.”

Located at 710 N Plankinton Avenue, Flipeleven rallies its nimble team around a single core belief: that
greatness is a lifestyle. Guided by the values of understanding, transparency, passion and collaboration,
Flipeleven helps local and regional brands ignite consumer engagement in the digital space.

In June, Flipeleven gathered a team of 30 talented creatives to compete in the local 48 Hour Film Project. Not only did the team win Best Film and Best Director—snagging screenings of their short horror Until Death in both Milwaukee and Los Angeles—but they also won a day with a RED camera. This high-end equipment allows filmmakers to shoot a great story featuring Hollywood-level slow motion.

“We knew we had to shoot something like a car explosion that has rarely, if ever, been done here,” said
Buckley. “But then we realized this could also be the moment Milwaukee has been waiting for, to speak
our production capabilities so loud the world can’t help but hear. That’s when the project became
something bigger, something for the whole community.”

Flipeleven has dubbed the project “Love MKE. Blow Up A Car.” and has launched a Kickstarter
campaign where the community can donate toward the cost of hiring Hollywood Pyrotechnics of Eagan,
Minnesota, to perform the explosion, as well as cover city permits and other production costs.

Buckley and his team weren’t the only ones who recognized the potential of “Love MKE.” Local
professional organization Newaukee quickly caught the vision as well. Currently, the shoot date is set for
October 26th, to coincide with Newaukee’s Capture Milwaukee awards, so guests of Capture Milwaukee
can view the car explosion live before proceeding to other festivities. Flipeleven and Newaukee invite
other groups to join, making the shoot a collective celebration of Cream City creativity.

For more information, or to join the project, go to or contact
or (920) 285-8478. Follow the project’s progress on Twitter at #loveMKE.